Post-conference tour

An excursion to the Danxiashan (Mount Danxia), a sandstone mountainous region adjacent to the city of Shaoguan in northern Guangdong Province, is proposed. In the Danxiashan Geopark there are more than 380 peaks of various forms, the tallest standing 409 meters high, with the Jinjiang River meandering through it. These mountains are covered by diverse subtropical vegetation. Evergreen broad-leaved forests which are mainly composed of Fagaceae and Lauraceae species are the most common in this region. Mount Danxia was recorded as a natural World Heritage Site in the 2010 UNESCO list of world heritage sites.

The following Apiales members occur in Danxiashan Geopark:

Araliaceae: Eleutherococcus trifoliatus (L.) S.Y.Hu, Schefflera angustifoliolata C.N. Ho, Schefflera heptaphylla (L.) Frodin, Schefflera minutistellata Merr, ex H.L. Li, Tetrapanax papyrifer (Hook.) K. Koch, Hedera nepalensis K. Koch, Dendropanax proteus (Champ. ex Benth.) Benth., Dendropanax dentiger (Harms) Merr., Aralia chinensis L., Aralia decaisneana (Hand.-Mazz.) J.Wen, Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides Lam., and Hydrocotyle nepalensis Hook.

Apiaceae: Centella asiatica (L.) Urb., Sanicula orthacantha S. Moore, Oenanthe javanica (Blume) DC., Torilis japonica (Houtt.) DC., Bupleurum marginatum Wall. ex DC., Peucedanum praeruptorum Dunn., Ostericum citriodorum (Hance) C.Q. Yuan & R.H. Shan, Apium graveolens L., and Cryptotaenia japonica Hassk.

Itinerary: Price:(transport, accomodation, meals, entrance fees included):